Do Odor Eliminating Candles Really Work?

Do Odor Eliminating Candles Really Work?

Have you ever asked yourself whether those smoke odor candles really work? You walk into a smoke shop and know you want to clear that smoke odor, but aren't sure if they're worth the money? Are smoke odor candles a gimmick?


We've had the honor of being featured in the most recent blog from! It explains how our Odor Eliminating candles using coconut apricot wax really work and how they do! 

Keep reading this blog from written about our incredible, coconut apricot wax candles! 


Do Smoke Odor Candles Really Work?

If you’re anything like us, you love cannabis, but hate the smell it leaves after smoking! Sometimes, even, you can’t afford to smoke indoors at all because of the smell it leaves. At, we’ve been committed to find a product that can help our customers with this issue; a product that not only works great, but isn’t horrible for your air quality.

That’s where Modest&Co comes into play - a SoCal-based candle company that's on a mission to neutralize those odors and make your space smell great! These owners are obsessed with finding the best combination of luxurious ingredients and odor eliminating ingredients for candles that actually work

There’s a distinct difference between normal candles and the ones from Modest&Co. These candles don’t cover odor, they kill the odors as they burn. 

Keep reading to discover why Modest&Co.'s candles are special!

The Modest&Co. Touch: 

Modest&Co. doesn't do ordinary. They’ve spent well over a year working on combining coconut apricot wax with this enzyme.[1]

And why does this matter? We’ll get into that more, but the basic answer for now is, “If you want the product to work right, you’d take this long to make it, too.” This is definitely not your typical “candle making.” 

These candles are designed to attack odors. We’ll get into why and how they are different from scented candles. Keep reading to learn more. 

The Power of Luxurious Ingredients: 

our odor eliminating candles kill smoke, cooking & pet odors while burning. With fun labels like cryptids like Big Foot & Chupacabra, these candles work great as gifts that actually work!

What sets Modest&Co.'s Odor Neutralizing Candles apart (from even their direct competition in the space) is their use of high-end ingredients that most candle companies won't touch. Quality ingredients can not be underestimated and that’s why Modest&Co is all about that coconut apricot wax…. Way more than a pretty face. 

The use of this wax is imperative to the longevity, air quality, and success of a smoke odor candle. With the Modest&Co Odor Eliminating Candles, you don’t have to worry about that as much. 

Here are some important features that are exclusive to coconut apricot wax candles:

Our odor eliminating candles use coconut apricot wax & specialty odor killing ingredients! They're scented as your favorite cereals, incense and more!

  • Longer burn times
    • “Long burning candles reflect the quality of the candle in question.” [1]
    • Longer burn times allow for the odor eliminating enzyme to kill odors more effectively. [1]
  • Stronger cold & hot throw
    • Although odor eliminating candles don’t “throw,” scent like scented candles, the Modest&Co candles purposely use coconut apricot wax to create the strongest scent throw possible - both cold and hot. [2]
  • Full wax pool - the wax pools evenly 
    • This is important for candle safety and to save you money! The Modest&Co candles burn evenly across the base, allowing for no wax to be wasted! [3]
  • Better for the environment
    • Because of the use of highly sustainable ingredients, unlike soy and paraffin wax, coconut apricot wax is much better for the environment - this is uncommon amongst most odor eliminating brands! [2]

Unmasking the Odor-Eliminating Enzyme: 

The Odor Fighting Enzyme is the next secret weapon in these candles. It's a powerhouse that most other, “basic,” candle brands don’t even use. This enzyme starts as Metazene. It’s a fragrance-free additive that is then broken down into a molecular level; then effective for consumer use. It is described as, “100% natural.” 

Mixed in minute amounts, it activates when burned; neutralizing odors; thus making it different from regular scented candles. Together with coconut apricot wax and added luxury fragrances, it creates a perfect harmony of useful odor elimination. This was something that is very important to the owners to perfectly balance. 

Affordable Luxury:

So that’s when the owners of Modest&Co dug deep. How could they create a product that could out perform the familiar smoke odor candles that existed on the market un-rivaled for years? 

The answer displayed itself pretty quickly once research was conducted… It was all about the ingredients. And that’s when the next question came. 

“Why don't other companies use these premium ingredients?” The answer was just as simple – follow the money. 

That seemed like a silly excuse. That’s why they went the extra mile to bring you quality at an affordable price, “We had to seriously invest in these ingredients in order to be able to bring everything together at an affordable price.” 

And at $18.99, we agree that the price of these truly luxurious and useful candles makes sense.  

And the reason… These candles are made for smokers by smokers

When designing these candles, Modest&Co owners were looking to create something that they could use themselves. 

Whether you're looking for a dessert or fruit candle we've got you covered - all while eliminating odors! These candles burn and kill odors at the same time - leaving your air clean and smelling great!

The owner, Taylor, explained, “We actually smoke and used to buy the odor eliminating products that I’m sure we’ve all seen in smoke shops. To be honest, I was sick of buying tacky stuff that didn’t work as well as I wanted it to.” 

And we’re so glad they did. 

Modest&Co’s Fragrance Selection

It wouldn’t be a candle blog without spotlighting the awesome variety of scents Modest&Co offers! Not only are these odor neutralizing candles amazing for practical use, they also smell incredible! Using complex blends, they really do smell better and more unique than many scented candles we’ve tried - which is pretty crazy considering they’re made to eliminate odors!

Three Odor Eliminating Candle Lines

  • Fluffy Munchie Candles (with pink lids) - These dessert-inspired candles honor munchies like cereals, treats, and more. Perfect for fall vibes!

Our Fluffy Munchie Odor Eliminating Candle Lines come from Modest&Co and celebrate dessert and munchies in a candle! Check out our cereal or popcorn scents - all odor eliminating!

  • Cannagirl Candles (with teal lids) - Focuses on florals and fruit scents, celebrating cannabis culture. Whether it be recreation or strains, the Cannagirl Candles are cutely packaged to honor weed!

Our Cannagirl Odor Eliminating Candles kill smoke, pet and cooking odor while they burn! These candles celebrate cannabis with names like Sativa Diva, Blazy Bae, and Indica Girl!

  • I <3 Cryptic Candles (with green lids) - This line pays tribute to incense and cryptid lovers! Fan favorites, these candles combine special combinations of "musky" and "masculine" notes that cover smoke odor amazingly!

I <3 Cryptic Candles (with green lids) - This line pays tribute to incense and cryptid lovers! Fan favorites, these candles combine special combinations of "musky" and "masculine" notes that cover smoke odor amazingly!

Tips for Maximum Enjoyment:

  • Light your Modest&Co. candle approx. 30 minutes before your smoke sesh. This allows the potent enzymes and fragrances to work their magic and permeate the room.
  • These candles aren't just for smoke odor! They combat many unwanted odors in your home, from smoke to cooking odors.
  • Trim your wick between burns! This ensures an even burn, reduces soot, and makes your candle last longer, saving you money in the long run!

Here at Modest&Co. we strongly urge that you trim your candle wicks between each burn! This helps with candle safety as well as candle longevity!

There you have it! 

If you are as hyped on these, as we are, have no fear! We’ve got the Modest&Co. Candles are fully stocked here!

We hope this blog helps explain the benefits of these unique candles and why they’re a better addition to your smoke sesh than regular candles!






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