Meet the Makers

Hello! we are so thrilled you have found our humble business! We are Modest&Co. - a home decor boutique with products tailored to adorn your eclectic home! We have sourced and created products with the utmost of quality - bringing that special spark to your decor paradise! 

We are a couple of eccentric artists & business professionals. We supply a range of rad products that celebrate individuality and tasteful nonconformity in the home. It’s our goal to bring you an outlet of joy and unique sophistication while accessorizing your space! Being adorable is just a part of it! We focus also on supplying goods that will stand the test of time - all at a quality price tag!

Our products are made of beautiful materials with durability & liveability in mind! Everything from Modest&Co is either hand-made by us or in small batches from our suppliers in Mexico. From our beautifully adorable coasters to our striking plant hangers, our goods are quality constructed, affordable, and crafted with love!

Taylor and Jose, the founders of Modest&Co have been working in the retail sales & large-scale manufacturing industries for years. That, combined with Taylor’s past work and passion for home decoration, plus Jose’s passion for his Mexican heritage were the beginnings of this brand. Our concept truly began in 2019 with our two-year wedding planning journey in Ensenada, Mexico. After getting to know our vendors during that time, we eventually found utilizations to continue working with them moving forward! We partnered with many of them to assist on many of our product lines! Located in Southern California, our desire is to bring you products that both adorn your space, but also speak to your heart. We hope you enjoy.

This is our heart, passion, and lineage. This is Modest&Co.