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Suckling Hummingbird Coaster Set

Suckling Hummingbird Coaster Set

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The Modest&Co. Suckling Hummingbird Coaster Set is a completely unique drink coaster set! It's a fan favorite with bird lovers for their home! Doubling as an artistic, decor accessory, and useful table protector, this set of four coasters comes hand-made from terracotta and is lined with felt. They are meant to last and work excellently as gifts! Pictures really can't do them justice!

Beyond being beautiful, our durable coasters are easy to clean and use! These drink coasters catch condensation much better and don't deteriorate when wet! To care, simply wipe with a wet rag and you're good to go!

You can use these coasters for more than drinks, too by the way! Use them for candles as well to protect wood tables!

If you're looking for more drink mat designs, check out our full decor, Coaster Selection Here!

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Our newer coaster sets are lined on the back with sarape. The Trippy Mushroom Coaster Sets are lined on the back in this pattern!

Switching to Sarape

We are currently transitioning all coasters to sarape lined! Most sets are lined with sarape, however, some are still lined with felt!