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La Muerte Coaster Set

La Muerte Coaster Set

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The La Muerte Coaster Set pays homage to the famous "Bingo," game. If you know, you know it as Loteria. Coming in a matching set of four and made of quality terracotta, this set comes lined with felt to prevent scratching! This drink coaster set is perfect for an eclectic home - at a great price! 

Coming in light pink with lavender sythe, the La Muerte Coaster Set works wonderfully as a unique decor accessory! Our drink coasters begin as tiles from our exclusive artists in Mexico. We then line them with recycled felt to offer you a quality decor product!

Not sure if you've found your favorite? We have tons of options! Check out our unique drink coaster options here! 

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Our newer coaster sets are lined on the back with sarape. The Trippy Mushroom Coaster Sets are lined on the back in this pattern!

Switching to Sarape

We are currently transitioning all coasters to sarape lined! Most sets are lined with sarape, however, some are still lined with felt!