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Modest & Co

Great Owl Coaster Set

Great Owl Coaster Set

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The Modest&Co. Great Owl Coaster Set is the perfect gift for the owl lover in your life! Coming in a matching set of four, these terracotta drink mats come lined with felt to prevent scratching and are hand-made to superb detail! With their paisley design, these unique drink coasters come either in lavender or rust orange. Buy both to mix & match for a two-toned set! 

Our coasters are extra durable and come at an awesome price for the stack of four! Not only this, but these beautiful drink mats are so easy to care for! Simply wipe the top with a wet rag to clean, and they're good as new!

We take the time to source each tile ourselves and get them from trusted artists in Mexico. Alongside this, we focus on eco-saving materials wherever possible! We use to cut back on waste!

Equally modern and welcoming, you'll find our coaster sets at a great price! Support small, support hand-made with these home decor accents!

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Our newer coaster sets are lined on the back with sarape. The Trippy Mushroom Coaster Sets are lined on the back in this pattern!

Switching to Sarape

We are currently transitioning all coasters to sarape lined! Most sets are lined with sarape, however, some are still lined with felt!