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Ellie Hanging Plant Holder | Sm-Med Potted Plants - from Modest&Co.

Ellie Hanging Plant Holder | Sm-Med Potted Plants - from Modest&Co.

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The Ellie Hanging Plant Holder holds Sm-Med potted plants with ease! Coming hand-made with a true quality macrame cord, this hanging plant holder suspends beautifully from the ceiling or even a wall hook! Made to be the little sister, Ella, our Large Hanging Plant Holder, Ellie acts as a great home decor accent! With a great price and colorful variety, these modern plant hangers are just what you need to add boho flair to your home! 

Ella is one of many of our macrame plant hangers, as each is designed for a different plant purpose and aesthetic! Ellie is our smallest style, made to accommodate smaller plants like succulents, jade plants, smaller pothos, and more! 

If you're looking for more unique plant accessories, check out our Hanging Planter Options here!


**Excercise extreme caution when suspending plant hangers to any place in the home! Make sure when suspending from the ceiling or wall to always use a stud finder and to avoid electrical wiring! Always make sure to suspend the plant from a secure place like a stud to not damage your ceiling/walls!**

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