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Bull Dog Coaster Set

Bull Dog Coaster Set

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The adorable Bull Dog Coaster Set is absolutely unique and so precious! With its striking yellow color & intricate design, this decorative bar mat makes for a beautiful home decor accessory! Coming in a set of four, you'll immediately notice the genuine quality. Better yet? It's so affordable!!

Our Bull Dog Coaster Set is unique! This set is no different than the rest of our coaster set line - beautifully made with exceptional quality. These terracotta bar mats start as tiles being hand-made in Mexico. We then hand-line them with recycled felt to help prevent scratching!

Not only are our coaster sets quality made, but we take extra care to find unique work!  We strive to make sure these products are quality made - making beautiful keepsakes for years to come! 

Equally eccentric and stylish, you'll also find them at a great price! 

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Our newer coaster sets are lined on the back with sarape. The Trippy Mushroom Coaster Sets are lined on the back in this pattern!

Switching to Sarape

We are currently transitioning all coasters to sarape lined! Most sets are lined with sarape, however, some are still lined with felt!