Our Boho, Macrame Wedding took place in Enseanda, MX at Casa de los Siete Patios! This gorgeous estate inspired the beginnings of our small business! Click to get wedding & decor inspo all in one!

Modest&Co. Origins - Our Boho, Macrame Wedding in Ensenada, MX

How our wedding actually inspired our business!... plus, ya know, wedding inspo ;) 

My husband and I hosted our beautiful Boho Wedding in Ensenada this past weekend! ← Crazy to say, “my husband!!” 

It aligned almost directly with the launch of our new business. To be honest, meeting the vendors, working on the art, it all inspired our business! We hadn't planned it that way, life just made it happen that way. And sometimes, that’s just how it needs to be - no matter how strong the pressures of life may be. 

...But seriously, talk about freaking stress!

I'll start by saying that our wedding was absolutely stunning and beyond my wildest dreams in every way. However stunning, our wedding took an immense amount of work for us to finish - especially during the Covid -19 Pandemic.

Our wedding inspired Modest&Co

Rewind two or so years. As the stress mounted, so did our passions. We grew increasingly excited while traveling to Baja and Ensenada for the wedding.

The handmade goods, art, and beauty of Mexico’s people reminded me of my personal style. Every trip, we grew increasingly motivated. Over time, we met new vendors and craftspeople who assisted us in completing this wedding and eventually our brand. This is what led to much of the inspiration of the Modest&Co vibe!

Ups and downs, push and pull, we never gave up. What transpired from the blood sweat and tears went beyond a perfect wedding day and now a beautiful website launch. We were able to encapsulate our energy and love into physical form for the first time in years.

Through it all, however, we were overwhelmed with joy by the entire celebration. We also had had no clue Mexico would treat us so well! - Insert dancing robot!

And just like that, our macrame wedding & small business mystically came together!

My two "projects," over the last few years were finally completed at the same time. Both are a tad different in style, but so similar, and so us - how can that be? But it is!

We even showcased our Modest&Co Scents Collection as wedding favors to our guests! The excitement of the release alone makes my heart pound! It seemed as if both Modest&Co and the wedding were coming together!

How much more special could you get?

We stayed at the venue for four nights as well, and I would be able to go out every night to reflect on the beautiful decor that sat in front of us. The staff of Casa de los Siete Patios were so kind to, "leave the lights on for us," during the evenings (and left the decor up as well) so we could relish in the stunning cenery every evening. Listening to the rumble of the waves on the cliffside under the twinklinking lights, we would relive the magic of our triumphs. ---> Dancing to Fleetwood Mac alone, just the two of us, one evening, for example.

It was during those nights, that something struck me.

Although there were many times I thought I wasn’t going to make it through, I can say this journey was absolutely worth it. Our story needed to be written this way. And after this wedding, we as a couple and Modest&Co are left with so many positive opportunities on the horizon, I am left speechless.

The universe is speaking to us. We are on the right track. We are Modest. 

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