On our Modest&Co. Decor Blog we break down the hottest new decor trends of 2023! Come read our blog to see which home decor styles will fit best with the 2023 New Year!

Hottest Decor Trends of 2023! - Check out decor styles here!

The hottest decor trends of 2023 are here! This year is bringing the heat with all new (and some throwback) looks that you will love!

Have you been looking for trendy home decor inspiration and are not entirely sure where to begin? This blog covers interior design trends of 2023 as well as offering you our personal styling tips!

Read below to check out our top trends and tips for styling!

Japandi Style Trend

Japandi style trend brings a fresh new take on modern aesthetic for 2023. With all of the hectic changes of the prior years, many of us are looking to minimize our lives and our style. The Japandi Design Trend is totally that!

The Modest&Co. Decor prediction Trends for 2023 are here! Japandi is first with its super popular rise to stardom in 2022. Minimalistic, clean, & beautiful!

We feel Japandi is the biggest home decor style trend of 2023. Coined, “the new minimalistic style,” the Japandi Style Trend incorporates warm, contrasting tones for a soft, yet contemporary look. 

Originating from Japan, (obvi) Japandi home decor style goes further than a design trend. It encompasses the beauty of a simpler lifestyle with focuses on practicality, calmness, and craftsmanship. 

Japandi sheds light on the natural beauty of the structure itself. The focus of a Japandi home is the useful and workable elements of the home, rather than the frills that add to it. 

We feel because of the consistent changes in our world, Japandi Lifestyle is here to stay beyond just a current design trend!

Japandi Style Tips


Japandi Style can either incorporate stark contrast or subtle neutrals. Whether that be trim, cabinetry, or accessorization. You can determine the level of "mood," by choosing your level of contrast. 

Traditionally, Japandi sticks to lighter shades of color with minimal patterns. This can include colors like: off-white, cream, gray, tan, and more. Typically, those base colors are either highlighted or contrasted by the furniture in a Japandi home.


Less is more and understated detail is everything when styling your Japandi inspired home. 

Japandi focuses on contrasting interior design with minimalist decoration. Declutter the majority of your knick-knacks and include only one or two staple wall pieces to achieve the Japandi Look. This design trend calls for the use of neutral canvases and art with the simple placement of accents like lamps, fixtures, cabinets, and more. 

70’s Retro 

Retro Decor trend is so in for 2023! Check out our latest blog to see the hottest decor trends of the year!

The 70’s Retro Home Design Trend is HUGELY popular in 2023! 

We feel the 70’s Retro Style is heavily influenced by the temperature of the current social climate. The 1970s dawned the second wave of, “freedom of self-expression,” following the 60’s era. 

With the Covid 19 Pandemic brewing angst mixed with creativity, we have seen a boom of beautiful individualism. What better match for that energy than with the era that first celebrated it in the first place?

This design trend is one of our favorites for 2023 as it is versatile and affordable to decorate. Check out some of our tips!

70’s Retro Style Tips


Bold is in! 

You can go “all out,” and choose a striking color to cover the majority of your space. This is very popular in 70’s Retro Spaces, especially for accent walls. You can then add accessorize to make an artistic impact in a modern way.

In our Modest&Co. hottest decor trends of 2023, we cover the retro style and how it is so in! Check out our decor blog here!

Feeling vibrant, but not that vibrant? 

Much of the 70’s Retro Design aesthetic also uses soft creams with accent tones. Colors like terracotta, gold, hunter green, and even navy add snappy flair to a 70's Retro Space. 

70's Retro Styling

This design trend is one of our favorites for 2022 because it is so versatile! This funky design style can include Mid Century, Victorian, Boho, and Modern influences.

Because of this, you can include a slew of artistic pieces and furniture to create your own look. For instance, the Modest&Co Wall Art Selection offers perfect additions to any retro space!

Green Interiors

Indoor Jungles!!

In this Hottest Decor Trends of 2023, we cover the indoor jungle! Obviously hugely popular in decor trends, plants make the space! Check out our decorating tips here!

A huge Design Trend for 2023 is the “Green Interior Trend,” which may sound a little silly considering plants and home decor have always gone hand in hand, but Green Interior is a little more specific. Think... indoor jungle! 

Green Interior focuses on a sophisticated, overindulgence of plants. May we say.... maximalist in the plant region? Decorating with plants has become HUGELY popular!This multi-functional design trend utilizes plants in a larger variety, making them the show stoppers of your home!

Green Interior Style Tips

Color tips for green interiors

Try selecting more neutral colors to contrast the greenery of your plants. This can be either light or dark in vibe. Many Green Interior looks incorporate gray, concrete tones while others utilize a more breezy palette.

Styling tips for green interiors

Regardless of the mood you choose, crisp color schemes are a safe bet in Green Interior Style. Utilizing natural tones, simple patterns, and open floor concepts bring the Green Interior vibe to life. 

Consider using your plants as art! Try placing plants around window sills or door frames for the best light as well as added design flair. Also, utilizing unique planter boxes and vases is a great way to up your interior decorating style! 

Additionally, make use of your plants in all heights! Hanging from the ceiling, sitting on the floor, wherever and safely, plants can add a beautiful touch!

Keep in mind, although plants are a wonderful addition to your design aesthetic, be responsible for them! Don’t bring plants into your space unless you’re certain you can provide the proper care. 

No green thumb but super into the Green Interior Vibe? There are many household plants that offer convenient care all while adding beauty to your home and oxygen to our environment! 

Eclectic Style

The Eclectic Style trend continues to evolve into 2023 home decor trends! With the growing need for individuality in home design, the Eclectic Style brings out the vibrance in your life! 

Eclectic Style is a versatile trend that can be played up or toned down. We specifically love this trend because it focuses on artistic flair and vision - the world is your design oyster! We have seen everything under the Eclectic Style umbrella from dramatic, bold styles to clean, softer vintage vibes. 

The Modest&Co. Hottest Decor Trends of 2023 includes the Eclectic Decor Style! It doesn't always have to include a maximalist style to be eclectic! Read more decorating tips here!

That being said, although versatile, Eclectic Style is a design trend that can get a little messy if you’re not careful. Check out our Eclectic Design Tips below! 

Eclectic Style Tips

Eclectic Color Tips

Your choice of color for your Eclectic Style is dependent on your secondary choice of style.

Ask yourself. Do you like Victorian? Retro? Boho? The possibilities are endless, which means your space can get easily cluttered or look distracted. 

We suggest selecting 1-2 secondary themes that you can combine into your personalized look. For instance, our space is decorated in the Eclectic Style with an added Retro, Boho flair. 

Basically, whatever style you decide, try and stick to a color theme that accentuates the Eclectic vibe you’re going for, but also speaks to who you are. After all, you aren’t only decorating your home to be on-trend - it’s for your comfort!

Eclectic Styling Tips

Decorate with what you own! Eclectic style doesn’t force you to throw away your belongings in order to fit in with your new look. Simply rearranging your accessories on a newly designed wall is sometimes all that is needed to bring a unique look to your home. 

Paint goes a long way as well! Keep in mind, you don’t have to paint your entire space to create an eclectic look. Even improving the trim or door of your space can create a significant difference! 

"Cloffice" Spaces

With working at home still on the rise, the concept of a “cloffice,” is a hot home decor style trend! This design trend is also inspired by practicality. With limited space in apartment living, the “cloffice,” the act of combining an office into a closet, is extremely popular! 

Cloffice Style Tips


The Modest&Co. Hottest Decor Trends of 2023 includes the most popular decor styles for the coming year! The Cloffice remains huge! We have tips on how to decorate here! Check it out!

We love seeing cloffices that pop! Try utillizing a highlight color, or even wallpaper, for your back wall. Most closets have a trim around the opening, which we suggest leaving either white or contrasting to both the bedroom wall and the cloffice wall. 


Incorporate functional decorative pieces! With so many unique and cute organizers available, your options are ultimately endless! 

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